CryoPen, Inc. Featured In Startech Foundation Annual Report

September 2012

In the past, an effective cryosurgical tool that was simple and safe to use without cryogenic gases or liquids did not exist or was not accessible to all physicians. Because of their focus on research, development,and production, CryoPen has created a revolutionary cryosurgical system that is easy to use, accessible to more physicians, and gives accurate, consistent results not dependent on technical issues such as gas pressures, volumes or other difficult to control variables.

With help from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, shepherded by Startech, the CryoPen Cryosurgical System is the biggest innovation in cryosurgery in decades. They developed a way to "dial in" an ideal temperature at which cryosurgery could be performed, thereby not having problems and issues with fixed temperature cryogenic gases or liquids being too cold or too warm for a particular application. Physicians like the CryoPen system because of its ease-of-use and effectiveness due to the consistency of application with minimal training and experience as well as its safety due to the lack of cryogenic gases. The CryoPen system also offers smaller communities and local family physicians access to cryosurgery.

While CryoPen was originally created for all medical office skin lesion removal needs, their upcoming innovations will address the rapidly growing invasive cryosurgical market, vastly increasing the CryoPen market potential because it will be able to accommodate current invasive uses as well as treatment of cervix dysplasia.

Over 1000 units of the CryoPen Cryosurgical System are already in the field in doctors' offices and smaller hospitals. The market for skin lesion removal is estimated to be $3 billion in the United States and $6 billion worldwide. Upcoming developments open the door for them to grow this technology to compete not only with the current invasive cryosurgical procedures, but also in Obstetrics/Gynecology.

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